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Posted by Arashisida on 2022-07-18

Our specialists curate high-quality and most reliable literature about medicines, illnesses, lab tests, Ayurvedic and over the counter health products. Select Pincode. Order Now. Book Now. Offers Just For You. See All Offers. Flat Rs.

Get a health checkup and FREE doctor consultation. Frequently Booked Lab Tests. HbA1c Glycosylated Hemoglobin. Calcium Ca. View All. Lab Phafmacy.

Featured Brands. Baidyanath Basantkusmkar Ras s. See All. Facts about sunscreenWhich sunscreen should I choose? How much to applyWhen to applyConclusion: As the temperature rises and summer arrives full-fledged, everyone is trying to stay protected from the scorching heat.

You may prefer staying indoors during summer or you may be the one already planning a summer trip, but one. Read More. Going for vacations during summertime started with getting summer holidays while we were in school. In those days it was the only vacation long enough to allow us to take a proper trip despite having tons of holiday homework.

As adults, we can take vacations whenever we please only if you are in the good. Table of Contents IntroductionGet some sunshine and boost your vitamin D levelConclusion Introduction Vitamin D helps your body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus.

Calcium and phosphorus are critical for building bone. Vitamin D has also been shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells in some cases, reduce inflammation and help your immune system. Table of Contents What is Obesity? How to tell if you are online pharmacy india Obesity is a disease in which you have an excessive amount of body fat and it may lead to several. Unavoidable exposure to pollution, poor quality of water. Effective Home Remedies for Body Pain. Ginger: 2. Cinnamon: 3.

Turmeric: 4. Cold compress: 5. Mustard oil: 6. Is ginger beneficial for body pain? Can turmeric cure body pain? Can I use a cold compress for body pain? Is body pain something. Effective Home Remedies online pharmacy india Red Eyes. Warm compress2. Cold compress3. Punarnava Hogweed 4. Shigru Drumstick 5. Is a red eye a serious condition? What should I do if I have had eye redness for more than two days? Can I use. Natural Home Remedies for Food Online pharmacy india.

Oral Rehydration Solution: 2. Lemon juice: 3. Apple cider vinegar: 4. Natural oil: 5. Bananas: 6. Ginger: 7. Garlic: 8. Cumin or Jeera: 9.

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Arishtaka: Effective Home Remedies for Swollen Legs. Massage of the swollen leg Epsom salt baths Application of lepas Abhyanga treatment Application of essential oils Ayurvedic herbs:Other Solutions for Swollen Legs Increasing movement Elevation of legs Use of compression socks Eating magnesium rich food Increasing water. Benefits of Urad dal for Heart diseases Benefits of Urad dal for Diabetes Benefits of Urad dal for Obesity Benefits of Urad dal as a Prebiotic Benefits of Urad dal as an Antioxidant Benefits of Urad dal in Liver and.

Harad: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and more! Online pharmacy india of Harad as an anti-oxidant 2. Benefits of Harad in cancer 3. Benefits of Harad online pharmacy india diabetes 4. Benefits of Harad in liver 5. Benefits of Harad for Infections 6. Benefits of Harad for inflammation 7. Benefits of Harad for heart 8. Benefits of Harad for stomach 9. Mandukaparni: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and more!

Benefits of mandukaparni for wound healing 2. Benefits of mandukaparni for the brain 3. Benefits of mandukaparni for stomach 4. Benefits of mandukaparni for arthritis 5. Benefits of mandukaparni for heart diseases 6. Benefits of mandukaparni for hypertension high blood pressure 7. Benefits of mandukaparni for atherosclerosis 8. Benefits of. Saraswatarishta: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and more! Benefits of saraswatarishta for the digestive system 2. Benefits of saraswatarishta for intellectual disability 3.

Benefits of saraswatarishta for the brain 4. Benefits of saraswatarishta for menopausal syndrome 5. Benefits of saraswatarishta for the heart How to Use Saraswatarishta? Babool: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and more!

Benefits of Babool for malaria 3. Benefits of Babool for digestion 4. Benefits of Babool for diabetes 5. Benefits of Babool for heart 6. Benefits of Babool as an antioxidant 7. Benefits of Babool for cancer 8. Benefits of Babool for obesity 9. Vijaysar: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and more! Benefits of Vijaysar for bacterial infection 2. Benefits of Vijaysar in cancer 3. Benefits of Vijaysar in diabetes 4. Benefits of Vijaysar for the heart 5. Benefits of Vijaysar for the liver 6.

Benefits of Vijaysar for diarrhoea 7. Benefits of Vijaysar for the brain 8. Other health benefits of. Amritarishta: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and more! Benefits of Amritarishta for diabetes 2. Benefits of amritarishta for heart-related diseases 3. Link of amritarishta for arthritis and osteoporosis 4. Benefits of amritarishta for mental conditions 5.

Benefits of amritarishta for kidney-related diseases How to Use Amritarishta? Table of Contents Is exercise good for Fissure? This is a painful medical condition which may cause difficulty in bowel movements and you may notice some bleeding while passing stools. An anal fissure. They pop up without warning and they should not be scraped till.

Kantakari: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and more! Benefits of Kantakari for the brain 2.

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Benefits of Kantakari for infections and oxidative damage 3. Benefits of Kantakari for asthma onlin. Benefits of Kantakari for diabetes 5. Benefits of Kantakari for the liver 6. Benefits of Kantakari for inflammation How to Use Kantakari? Precautions to Take With KantakariInteractions.

Coconut oil is considered as a part of online pharmacy india traditions for. Table of Contents What are the causes of Fissure?

FAQs An anal fissure occurs when there is a cut, scratch or a tear in the thin lining of the anus region. A deep tear may even extend up to the muscle around the anus called. An anal fissure may occur when you pass hard stools during a bowel movement and. Symptoms of Piles include pain and discomfort during and after passing stools while sitting and standing up. Table of Contents What are the causes of Piles? FAQs Piles are also known as haemorrhoids, are swollen veins in the anal canal region.

When in their normal state, they act as cushions to control the passage of stools. While the exact cause of piles. What Is Traditional Medicine?

Traditional medicines have been making headlines globally, incia increasing acceptance of their effectiveness and potency in helping people live healthier lives. Traditional medicine in. With the temperature soaring higher and higher every day, it reduces our willpower to go through our everyday routine online pharmacy india.

Sweat, rashes and lethargy are common hindrances during the months of summer that may stop us from achieving our goals. The unbearable heat of the afternoon sun, in the peak of the summer season, is.

Table of Contents Why should you practice hand hygiene? How to effectively maintain hand hygieneWhen to give attention to hand hygieneAlternative products to use for maintaining drug cost prescription hygiene Our environment contains hundreds online pharmacy india thousands of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens invisible to the naked eye.

Some of these microorganisms are essential for pharmqcy survival and for. Introduction: Lohasava is online pharmacy india Ayurvedic medicine lnline in iron lohawhich is mainly used for the management of iron deficiency anaemia and obesity. We can find its reference in an ancient Ayurvedic book called Baishyajya Ratnavali onlien Adhyayam 5.

Vidangarishta: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and more! Benefits online pharmacy india Vidangaristha for Parasitic Infections Benefits of Vidangarishta for Anaemia Benefits of Vidangarishta for Bacterial Infections Benefits of Vidangarishta for the Digestive System Benefits of Vidangarishta for Seizures Our hands are most overexposed to environmental factors and age faster. Stay Healthy! Order Now. Full body health checkups. Comprehensive Silver Full Body Checkup.

Good Health Gold Package. Comprehensive Gold Full Body Checkup. Women Wellness Advanced Package. Comprehensive Platinum Full Body Checkup.

Featured brands. Popular categories. Top Sellers From Mamaearth. Tata 1mg health products. Complete Blood Count. Glycosylated Hemoglobin. Vitamin D OH. Kidney Function Test.

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Shilajit Supplement of the week. New arrivals on TATA 1mg. USG Whole Abdomen. MRI Brain. Indai by Health Concerns. Trending now. Deals of the day. Arachitol Nano Bottle Oral Solution 5ml each. Pain relief. Popular Combo Deals. Weight Management. Face wash. Ayurveda Diabetes Care.

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