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Mexican Border Pharmacies

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Posted by Durn on 2022-11-15

So the general distribution of drugstores has not changed, even while the number of facilities has increased considerably. Pharmacies continue to cluster within one and one-half miles of the two principal border-crossing points.

As the maps and tables display, more than This was true in and remains the so indue to the high volume of US residents who cross the border seeking medications.

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Interviews with drugstore owners in all three of the zones confirm that Americans frequent pharmacies closest to the two principal border crossings. Pharmacists in the city have responded to this continued, increasing demand by opening new facilities near the border to serve this demand. Access remains an elusive term however. The cost savings are significant. Since the savings are significant, barriers, such as proximity to home, become less important. It is clear that many US residents are willing to tolerate the inconvenience of accessibility by spending additional time to travel a greater distance, in order to receive services at a low cost affordability that are offered by many providers availability who accommodate their schedules by offering extended office hours accommodationregardless of language, ethnicity or culture acceptability.

Future research on this topic should attempt to address several topics. First, participants were not asked if the customers had a prescription in hand from either a Mexican or US physician. Mexican border pharmacies were providers asked to describe the ethnicity, gender, or age of their clients. Are secondand third-generation Mexican-Americans less likely to cross than newcomers as Su and Wang documented, [21]? This would also provide information on the extent of the economic impact that border crossing has had on the businesses in the US First, what effect does this border crossing for medications have on neighboring pharmacies in US cities, such as El Paso, Las Cruces, Yeleta and other cities along the border?

And what is the areal extent for these services? Special thanks and acknowledgement is extended to Dr. James W. Harris, Metropolitan State University of Denver for his insightful review and suggestions prior to submission of this work. City of El Paso, Brach and L. Fortney, N. Chambers, M. Cody and C. Penchansky and J. Casner and L. Macias and L. Landeck and C.

Escobedo and V. Pagan, S. Ross, J. Yau and D. Homedes and A. Byrd and J. Su and D. Thesis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Burgess, Ed.

Pharmacies could distribute informational mexican border pharmacies with all pharmaceutical products, but especially in prescription-only products canadian rx are currently sold with very limited accompanying information.

Purchasing prescription medication in Mexico without a prescription. The experience at the border

These leaflets should be designed by communication specialists and the information should be provided by experts not under the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. United Mexican border pharmacies clinics and others serving mexican border pharmacies poor and uninsured might remind those in need about the availability of some low-priced, generic medicines in United States pharmacies.

Given the dearth of QFBs trained in community pharmacy 25consideration should be given to the development of a technical degree, such as the pharmacy technician degree implemented in Cuba Given the importance of Mexican pharmacies for United States residents, the United States border leaders may consider collaborating with Mexican health authorities in the development of joint programs to mexican border pharmacies the adequate use of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics; in training pharmacy technicians; and in the development of bordeg materials to be distributed in pharmacies.

Finally, policymakers and professional associations may need to take decisive steps denouncing practices that put the health of pharmacy clients at risk. Successful implementation of these solutions will require a concerted effort by stakeholders, i. Gross DJ. The consumer and reimportation. Managed Care.

Boshle MJ, Balkrishan R. Drug reimportation practices in the United States. Ther Clin Risk Manag. Am J Health Syst Pharm. Shepherd MD. Drug quality, safety issues and threats to drug importation. Impact of drug importation on community pharmacy and patient care. J Am Bordet Assoc.

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United States Food and Drug Administration. FDA warns consumers about counterfeit drugs purchased in Mexico.

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Cross-border utilization of health care services by United States residents living near the Mexican border. Purchasing prescription medication in Mexico without a prescription.

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Purchasing prescription medication in Mexico without a prescription. The experience at the border

Buenos Aires: Editorial Lugar; The authors suggest five steps for reducing the risks and improving pharmaceutical utilization in the border area. Series Rev Panam Salud Publica;33 3 ,mar. Rev Panam Salud Publica;33 3 ,mar. Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. Search Repository. This Collection.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the benefits and risks of using Mexican pharmacies by better understanding the sociodemographics and medication needs of pharmacy. US customers started deluging Mexican border pharmacies after Texas passed an anti-abortion law last fall. A two-pill combination costs.

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